Holiday Season Starts Early in an Effort to Cope with Pandemic


Kylee Johnson

Department stores are displaying their holiday merchandise extra early this year

Kylee Johnson, Editor

As the holiday season approaches during this unprecedented year, many are beginning to decorate and celebrate early in an attempt to finish the year. After eight long months of isolation, most people just want this dreadful year to come to an end. Rushing toward the glee of the holiday season has universally been used as a way to cope with the anxiety and apprehension that this year has brought.

Senior Marisa McClung takes no shame in decorating her room early.

“It makes me happy with the pandemic going on and there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little Christmas joy to my room,” says McClung.

Some stores like the Dollar Tree and Target began displaying Christmas decorations in mid-October, a whopping ten weeks before the much-anticipated holiday is celebrated. Senior and Target Employee Yahir Rosales notices the early increase in holiday merchandise.

“I do see many people come into my job more than usual asking for our seasonal items and a lot of our merchandise being bought right now is our holiday items,” Rosales says. “People view Christmas as a positive escape from our real-world problems.”

With Thanksgiving dinners under debate due to the ongoing pandemic, many are skipping over it, leaving no barrier between Halloween and the holidays.

Although most of this year has brought much negativity and fear, the holiday season leaves a glimmer of hope and positivity for the following year.