Coach Lewis Takes Over

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

Last spring, Coach Brian Coe resigned as the Head Football Coach. The Chiefs did a nationwide search to find the next commander and Chief for our football team. The school found that man in Coach Brian Lewis. 

Coach Lewis came all the way from Dallas, Texas and is excited to be the next Head Coach for the Santaluces Chiefs football team. On Wednesday, August 18th, I had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Lewis and ask him a few questions.

Why did you apply for a position at Santaluces even though you lived all the way in Texas?

“I just saw that Santaluces was a great school. I did a lot of research on them. I saw the staff and the boys that were coming in from 9th grade and things like that so I knew that the future for Santaluces was great.”

What are your thoughts on your senior class of football players this year? 

“We have some great senior leadership. Guys such as Aidan Lenor, Clifford ‘CJ’ Footman Jr, Philip Grant, Stephon Jean, those guys are great leaders. When I first got here to interview those guys met me here first and I just knew that this is the place I needed to be.”

Do you enjoy any other sports besides football?

“Yes, I was actually a college basketball player, so I grew up playing AAU Basketball, and I enjoy all sports. I just gravitated toward football more, and now I’m here coaching football.”  

Have you had any other coaching jobs before Santaluces?

“Yes, I worked in Fort Worth, Dallas, Fort Walton Beach, and I own a Semi-pro football team. I have been coaching for almost 20 years now; since 2004 between youth leagues and things of that nature.” 

Where do you see this program in the next 3 to 5 years?

“In 3-5 years, I think we’ll be the team that no one wants to play. When coaches do their scheduling, they’re going to look at how dominant Santaluces is. We have a great Freshman class and a strong Sophomore class, so in 4 years, we’ll definitely be a playoff caliber team and make it to the later rounds of the playoffs. All coaches say they want to make it to the State Championship, but being realistic I can say that we’ll definitely win District and at least a couple of rounds into the playoffs.”

Two years ago, Coach Coe led the Chiefs to a district championship. I wondered if Coach Lewis would feel any pressure to win another one soon.

“No, because I am going to win multiple ones before I’m done. My Freshman and Sophomore group are still maturing and a lot of those guys are going to play Varsity this year. With that being said, when it’s all set and done, in the next 4 years, I’ll have at least 2 district championships.”  

The last question I had for him was about the offense he plans to use. This year, he plans to use a new offense. However, you have to have a very skilled and talented quarterback. So, I asked his thoughts on quarterback Aidan Lenor.

“Man, I love Aidan—everything about him. His swag, the way he carries himself, his leadership. He just throws a beautiful ball. We have seen it in 7v7 tournaments, so I just can’t wait to get our offense out there. Sadly, we can’t show it off on Thursday, but everyone will see what Aidan can do against Seminole Ridge. I see him being one of the best quarterbacks in the district.” 

The Chiefs are set to play at Seminole Ridge on August 27th.