The Beginning of Your Cosmetology Journey


Midwest Technical Institute

Cosmetology students often learn and practice on mannequins before testing their skills on a person.

Shayna Baker, Staff Writer

Are you interested in any kind of field in Cosmetology? Did you know that you don’t have to wait until you graduate to pursue a career in Cosmetology. Palm Beach State College offers a 1200-hour program that has ten individual courses. A good thing about this program is that you don’t need your high school diploma for this course.

As a daytime student, you would finish the program in one year and two years for evening students. Before even being eligible for the course, you have to first pass a test called Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) scores. This test consists of reading, English, and mathematics.

Once you pass the basic education test, you will be working on ten different courses that need 120 hours for each. The first one is Introduction to Cosmetology. This consists of classroom and laboratory activities. They teach you about life skills, professional image, communicating for success, infection control, properties of hair and scalp, shampooing, rinsing and conditioning.

The next course is Cosmetology Hair Shaping 1. You will become proficient in hair shaping, cutting, and styling for longer hair styles. Braiding would be covered in this course as well. The next course continues from the last. It is called Cosmetology Hair shaping 2. Instead of working with long hair, you will become proficient in cutting and styling short hair. Wigs and enhancements will also be covered in these courses.

Cosmetology Chemicals is what comes after Hair Shaping. You will learn all about permanent waving, reconstruction, curl, and chemical relaxing. This will consist of classroom and laboratory activities which will be designed to achieve salon and industry standards and State Board law.

The next course is Cosmetology Haircolor which will consist of hair coloring and bleaching with all types of hair. Analysis of hair and scalp will be very important to pay attention to.

The next course is one of the most important to me; It’s Salon Management. You will be proficient in employability skills, communication, and math required to succeed in the salon industry. The course will also touch on entrepreneurship plus an overview of State Board Cosmetology requirements, laws, rules, and regulations.

The reason I want to attend these classes at Palm Beach State is because I want to start my own nail salon. There is a course just for this. You will become proficient in manicuring, pedicuring and also in applying artificial nails and nail wraps.

Although some courses already have hands-on activities, the last two courses are called Salon Practice Lab 1 and 2. It will provide proficiency in all phases of the cosmetology procedures. You will learn how to increase their speed while sharpening their skills.