Meet the Teacher: Mr. Maly


Mr. Maly

This is Mr. Maly enjoying the beautiful artwork.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

Mr. Maly has been teaching here at Santaluces for five years. When asked what he enjoyed most about teaching he stated, “The relationships that I form with my students, especially when they get older and they come back and see you or you still stay in touch and see how much they are growing and progressing in life; that’s my favorite thing.”

Mr. Maly wanted to become a teacher because he wanted to be the teacher he wished he had growing up. Mr. Maly wants to help students transition into their lives and be a help to young adults that may be struggling. He likes to see students succeed and achieve their dreams and goals.

Mr. Maly enjoys teaching history because its relevant to the world we live in. He states, “It’s kind of the clues to understanding why the world is the way it is today, If you know the history about it you get to connect the pieces, it helps you to understand the world better.” If he wasn’t a teacher he would like to be involved in the art field. He appreciates and enjoys art.

When he is not teaching, he enjoys being with his family. Mr. Maly likes working out, going to the beach, and looking for old records. He is very adventurous and likes finding new things to do and finding new places to see and eat at. When asked what is something that people would be surprised to learn about him he stated, “Maybe that I have 20 tattoos.” Many people find it surprising when they find out.

Mr. Maly also started a club for his students. He started his club Chief Counter-Cultural Club (CCC). Mr. Maly started this club because it’s the type of club he would have liked to have when he was in high school. He wanted it to be for kids that feel that there is no place for them at school. CCC would be that place that they feel welcome to go to.

Mr. Maly is a great teacher and has helped many kids perceive and achieve their dreams.