Meet the Teacher: Ms. Lupu

Leah Fleurinor

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Leah Fleurinor

Ms. Lupu is inside her decorated classroom that is a winter theme.

Ms. Lupu is a dedicated teacher who taught around the world. This is her first year at Santaluces High School. Ms. Lupu attended Vassar College and majored in English Literature. At first, she wanted to be a writer and the last thing she wanted to be was a teacher. She has a passion for teaching and social justice. 

Ms. Lupu has been a teacher for 21 years. She had a summer job in Haiti at a Missionary School, Romania, Connecticut, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Florida, and then took a 10-year hiatus and went back to get a teaching degree. She taught ESOL while she was in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She also taught IB courses such as the theory of knowledge and history, middle school French, high school English honors, AICE English Language, preschool and adult education.

The ages she taught ranged from two all the way to grown adults with children of their own and even grandchildren. 

What Ms. Lupu loves about Santaluces is “the friendliness of all the staff; especially the maintenance staff. They always clean everything. Clean all the small fingerprints. Principal Robinson is wonderful and capable. She is such a strong leader and a good leader.”

For the year of 2022, Ms. Lupu is looking forward to the summer vacation, her daughter getting married in June in Romania, and students growing in their skills to conquer the AICE exam.

Ms. Lupu is currently watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix and reading a book by Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid Tales second book to the series. 

One piece of advice Ms. Lupu gives to students are to “live in the present, enjoy the moment and focus on growth.”