Entering a New World



Imagery flowing out of books with our imagination

Mayra Perez, Club Member

I believe it’s right to talk about the beautiful object we seem to overlook in our everyday lives. Books.

Of course on the scientific side, reading books helps improve our memory. While reading, we engage with many of our brain functions. Our comprehension and concentration develop which is much needed throughout our school years. Books definitely have an impact on our academics. When we were younger, some of us may have thought reading was boring as we just look at words on paper that never seems to end. However, once you find that one good book that piques your interest, reading will never be the same.  

Reading books are most definitely a way to escape reality and read into another person’s life. As for novels, we get to live through the world of a character apart from our own chaotic one. The beautiful thing about books is that we get to see how others make their own choices and how we relate to them in our own way. The character may have been through similar situations we have been through such as embarrassment, failure, heartbreak, or success. 

Although the plot of the story may seem to be the most important aspect of a book, we can’t forget the language and words that make up the book. This is what takes us to new places that we most likely never thought of entering. 

I believe that finding the perfect book for yourself may be hard for starting to read. There are many genres of books such as fantasy, romance, mystery, crime, etc. Where can you truly begin? 

Pick a book that’s to your taste, read reviews, and see if it has any of your likings. Reading is an incredible way to build up your imagination and creativity.

Books have that sort of power; to let us enter this new world of knowledge, adventures, and perspectives.