Mounts Botanical Garden

Small gazebo at the Mounts Botanical Gardens.

Allison Bower, Staff Writer

As the weather goes from scorching hot to comfortable coolness, going to gardens and outdoor spaces is much more enjoyable.

The Mounts Botanical Garden is the perfect place for taking a stroll through the lovely scenery. It is located behind Palm Beach International Airport, meaning every now and then you can see planes flying not too far above the trees. It is also Palm Beach County’s oldest and largest botanical garden.

There is a beautiful butterfly garden along with a regular garden filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. A walk around the whole garden could take about an hour or two. There are over 6,000 species within the garden and some are for sale. They have orchids, bonsai, fruit trees, herbs, etc.

However, that is not all they have for sale.

There is a small vintage antique shop with many old-fashioned tea cups, frames, books, and many other items. A small gazebo is tucked into the greenery and was a very nice place to sit and relax. There is a pond full of coy fish along with lily pads scattered around the water.

It really is a lovely place to visit.

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