Makeup Tutorial


Daina Desty

A makeup look done on someone.

Daina Desty, Staff Writer

Hey, Chiefs. Today, I’m going to be giving you guys a makeup tutorial on KiKi for her birthday; I’m calling this look “stormy” because you know it matches her hair and that’s what it’s giving.

First, you’re going to start by moisturizing your face. Make sure that before you put any foundation or anything on your face you moisturize because if you don’t, the makeup will look ashy and your skin will look dry. After I applied moisturizer to her face, I put this “Juvias Place Foundation” the shade of Togo 210; blend that in with a beauty blender. 

A quick tip before you use your beauty blender: blend anything out and spray it with a makeup setting spray mist. The one I use is from Elf. After I blended that in, I went in and applied concealer under her eyes, the corner of her eyes, the top of her mouth, her chin, and the little space above her eyebrows. The concealer I used is from Morphe “effects of soft and Radiance concealer.” I blended the concealer out with the beauty blender once again, then I used a setting powder on all the places that I applied the concealer.

So, obviously for this look, you can see that I didn’t want the concealer to be too bright under her eyes; I wanted to give her a natural look. After that, I applied some blush to her cheeks. For the eyeshadow, I went in and applied concealer over her eyes and blended that in. After that, I took my eyeshadow pallet and used a dark dark brown, and started applying it around her eyes.

After that, I took concealer again and did a cut crease over the dark brown eyeshadow. I tapped the cut crease with my blending brush a little bit, so it wouldn’t get messed up when I applied eyeshadow on top of it. After I blended it, I applied the silver eyeshadow on top of the cut crease and just started blending it in; then you’re done with the eyeshadow look. 

I took highlight and applied it over her nose and a little bit on her cheekbones as you can see her eyebrows were already tinted. All I did was fill them in with black eyeliner pencil and gave them more shape by putting a little bit of concealer around the edges. She didn’t want anything on her lips, so I applied lip gloss and to finish the look, I sprayed her face again with my makeup mist and set the look so it would last longer.