The History of Crocs Footwear

A picture of the two pairs of Crocs I own

Melissa Eugene

A picture of the two pairs of Crocs I own

Melissa Eugene, Staff Writer

Crocs Footwear has evolved so much over the years. From being referred to as “alligator shoes” that no one would wear to now being the most worn footwear on our school’s campus, it can be said that Crocs is highly liked among most. The question that arises is, “How did Crocs Footwear come to be Crocs Footwear?”

Crocs Footwear was inspired by designer, Andrew Reddyhoff in 2002. Initially, this shoe was created to be utilized for water activities, similar to swim shoes; however, three other designers saw the potential in these shoe designs so they decided to make it more than just be used for water activities.

The first ever Croc design to be released was in 2002 and it was named the Beach, because it was released at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Due to its high liking, this specific design sold out very quickly.

Since Croc Footwear was growing so much in popularity, they decided to do a rebranding of their logo. When they rebranded their logo, this drastically helped Croc Footwear grow as a company despite obstacles they came across.

Over time, Crocs gradually continued gaining popularity and recognition to the point where a lot of people own at least one pair. Back then, Crocs were not so expensive because it wasn’t as popular as it is today. It had its popularity back then, but now it’s like the business has been booming more than ever before.

Personally, when Crocs came out and I was aware of them, I thought they weren’t appealing to the eye and told myself “I probably would never get them” but for some reason, they started to grow on me. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of people had them or what but I was just so drawn into them that I bought my first pair in 2021.

Jibbitz, also referred to as Croc charms, are charms that are added to Crocs to make them more appealing to look at. One can add as many as they want and make it look how they want to their liking.

Ever since then, I never went back to wearing regular shoes or sandals but I would do so occasionally. The footwear is just so comfortable; I can just slip it on and walk out the door without having to tie my sneakers or have to walk on a hard padding in my sandals.

I only have two pairs now but in the near future, I do want to have a collection where I have one of every color Croc. I know that sounds like a lot because it is but I love them to the point where I am willing to do so.

Crocs Footwear has come a long way and I believe that it will always maintain its popularity no matter what other comfortable shoes similar to theirs come out.