Santaluces Tennis Team’s Great Expectations


The tennis season has finally come to a closing, ending with a two-day tournament. It took place at Palm Beach Central High school and was an all-day event.

The tournament functioned a little differently from a typical tennis match. In order to win, you needed to win two out of three rounds, each round being an individual match where you must play first to six.

The competition was steep, with schools like Park Vista and Wellington in the tournament. However, our team was able to prove that we could keep up.

On Monday, I won my very first singles match but then had to forfeit my second due to a back injury. Hours later, I attempted to play doubles, knowing some of the pressure would be off of my shoulders and shared with my partner, sophomore Heather Pahlmer. We ended up winning, which meant we had to return the following day to compete with our next doubles opponents.

We were to play Wellington, but then won by default. Next up, was finals. We were scheduled to play Park Vista. At around noon, the match started and my partner Heather and I lost, but only 4-6, and we were pretty evenly matched.

“It felt so good to do so well,” said Pahlmer. “Especially for our first year on the team and against Park Vista.”

As the tennis finals comes the end, the season does, as well. All of the players are looking forward to next year’s season and expect great things in the future.

“I’m proud of the team,” said Coach Karas. “And we’re only going to get better from here.”