Redemption Week for the Chiefs?

Stanley Alexis, Staff Writer

Since the preseason game, the Chiefs have been struggling to find a win. Starting off with a 26-6 loss to Atlantic High, the Chiefs are more than desperate to find an answer to their offensive and defensive struggles.

It’s evident that the year hasn’t been going as planned so far. With starting quarterback Michael Moise out 1-3 weeks with a severe ankle injury and numerous players battling sickness, the starting 11 on both sides are still in question. This puts a lot of pressure on Coach Bradley, the first year head coach, to find their first win and restore some confidence and morale to the team.

If it’s not problems stopping the touchdowns, it executing them. The main offensive problems are simply giveaways and not producing a score in the redzone. On the other side, the defensive backs are getting beat throughout the whole game, making it more than easy for the opposing team to score.

This week the Chiefs are playing Jupiter High, who are 1-3, coming into the Homecoming game. This could be the answer to the Chiefs’ winning struggles. Friday night, the Chiefs will look to see if they can execute strong offensive drives and defensive takeaways.