NASCAR: A Dead Sport?


Kenny Bruce

Property of Nascar

Kayla Restivo, Staff Writer

Last week my father and I spent three hours putting his collectible die-cast cars back in the boxes and into the attic . I remember growing up spending most of my afternoons watching the races and screaming when Dale Earnhardt Jr. would lose the race or crash. My dad use to go every year to the Dayton 500 and then he just stopped. No one talks about NASCAR anymore. The only time it’s talked about is when something bad happens or one of them speaks of being a Donald Trump supporter.

When you turn on the races that are still televised you see the stands are not full any more, like at the Bristol speedway where it was sold out 53 times in a row, now the stands are only a third full. It’s sad to see a sport slowing going away but that’s the reality of the situation.

As i’m writing this i’m talking to my dad and he’s saying how NASCAR just plain out lost that interesting factor while sports like football, baseball and basketball just keep getting more mainstream and interesting.

So I think its time for the whole sport of NASCAR to wave a checkered flag and say goodbye because at this rate of fans dropping NASCAR will be fan-less with just a bunch of guys driving in circles for hours for fun.