Are the Red Sox Baseball’s Warriors?

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

It is exciting to announce the Boston Red Sox have acquired Chris Sale from the Chicago White Sox. It has been an interesting offseason of moves during the Major League Baseball offseason, and this blockbuster trade just made the offseason even more interesting.

With this in mind, the rest of the Major League are calling the Red Sox the Warriors of baseball. With Sale, Cy Young winner Rick Porcello and star pitcher David Price, the Red Sox have one of the best starting rotations ever assembled.

Simply after a trade, the Red Sox have gained a villain status.

With the Red Sox’s unbelievable pitching rotation, and one of the league’s best lineups, make the Red Sox a team that teams simply do not respect.

It is going to be a full flight for any team to attempt to compete with the star studded Red Sox. The thing with super teams, however, is that it takes experience as a team to be successful and not all teams are not successful when they join together.

For those baseball fans who like the red sox like freshman Drew Swaters, he thinks the move was brilliant for the Red Sox.

“The Red Sox are going to the world series,” Swaters said. “The deal was a no brainer.”

If you are not a Red Sox fan or hate the trade like junior Neiko Megrichian, you obviously hate the move as the Red Sox just claimed the ultimate villain status.

“Personally, I thought the trade was ridiculous because we spent over $200 million on an ace in David Price last year and Price did not produce the results we were looking for, so there is really no telling what can come out of this one for sale, who is already 27.” Megrichian said. “ Then to give up our best prospect in Yoan Moncada, who would have been an excellent young addition to the lineup with Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi & Xander Bogaerts.”

The Red Sox will have an outstanding year defeating teams left and right, and pitch their way to baseball immortality.