Amanda Nunes Remains The Champion


Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

Ronda Rousey returned to the octagon to try to regain her champion belt against Amanda Nunes in UFC 207 on December 30th. This fight gained tons of media attention because it was the first time Rousey had fought since her lost to Holly Holm 13 months before. People tuned in to watch either Rousey regain her title back and make a fierce comeback or tuned in to watch her get knocked out by Amanda Nunes and see her fall once and for all.

I of course had to rent the fight at my house because I’m a huge Rousey fan. I became a fan and started watching her fight when I started to do wrestling. I’ve read her book a hundred and one times, I seen every interview she’s ever done, and I’ve watched her pervious fight videos over and over. When she suffered from her first lost in her professional career to Holm, I was devastated and shocked. She stayed off social media and out of the public’s eyes for months until Dana White made the announcement that Rousey would be returning to fight Nunes for a title fight.

UFC 207 had five main card fights that night: Smokla vs Borg (winner), Kim (winner) vs Saffiedine, Dillashaw (winner) vs Lineker, Cruz vs Garbrandt (winner), and Nunes (winner) vs Rousey

Each fight was very interesting and engaging but the fights that were memorable was the Nunes vs Rousey and Cruz vs Garbrandt. Dominick Cruz was the champion in the male bantamweight devision, but as everyone that’s on top they must fall eventually. Cory Garbrandt is part of the new generation of fighters, that makes the fight worth watching. They fought the entire five, five minute rounds, each landing blows and punches at each other. In the end, it came down to decision and Garbrandt was the clear winner, becoming the new champion.

After the huge shocker from the Cruz vs Garbrandt fight, I was so pumped to see Rousey come out stronger and more motivated since there was more on the line for this fight. This fight wasn’t just about Rousey regaining her belt, it was the progress of her comeback story and how she could over come her first professional lost, to come back even stronger than she ever has.

Once Rousey and Nunes entered the octagon, I was on the edge of my seat and jumping up and down. I couldn’t control my excitement because I had been waiting for this moment since the fight date was first announced. As fast as the fight started, it was quickly ended by Nunes knocking out Rousey in 48 seconds. Rousey didn’t know what came her way. In time that Rousey landed 7 punches, Nunes had landed 47 punches. Again, the new generation of fighting is taking over the UFC. Instead of take downs and submissions, it’s all about jabs and knockouts.

When I saw how quickly Nunes finished the fight, my jaw hit the floor, tears started pouring out of my eyes and my friends had to leave the room because they knew I was gonna freak out on them if they said anything to me in that moment.

The realization that this was probably Rousey’s last fight hit me hard and it hurt my heart to see her go out like that. If Rousey did decide to return to the octagon, she has to change so much in her fighting routine to keep up with the new generation. Rousey has to learn and master the world of boxing instead of relying on her past judo techniques for the direction that UFC seems to be heading towards.

Win or lose, I’m still #TeamRousey at the end of the day.