Coach’s Corner: Mr. Dixon

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

Coach Dixon, also known as Mr. Dixon in his math classes, has been a Santaluces Chief for nearly twenty years. The basketball season started in November and runs through March. Last year, the Chiefs made it to the regional semi-finals. This year they hope to repeat and even make it to Lakeland.

How long have you been coaching at Santaluces?

“This is my seventh year as head coach at Santaluces.”

How long have you been coaching?

“I was a varsity assistant for 12 years at Santaluces before I became a head coach. This is now my seventh year as a head coach; so 19 years in total.”

Why do you coach?

“I coach to give back to the kids at the school and because I love the game. Trying to make a difference in kids’ life is a great joy that I have. Also, to build long lasting relationships with these young men, and to make them better young men is why I do what I do.”

Best memory as a coach at Santaluces?

“The one memory that sticks out from the others was winning the district title in 2016. It was very emotional to defeat a county powerhouse at home for the district title in triple overtime. That was a game I will never forget.”