Remembering Diego Maradona


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Diego Maradona is hailed as one of the “greatest players of all time”.

Azwad Ahmed, Editor

The world of Soccer/ Football is in mourning over the loss of the legendary Diego Maradona. Maradona died of a heart attack at age 60 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Maradona was recovering from recent brain surgery.

Around the world, Maradona was held as a larger than life icon, who took Argentina to the highest stage in global soccer. It was Maradona’s performance in the 1986 World Cup Quarter Finals against England that the world realized he was a force to be reckoned with. With arguably two of the most popular goals of all time coming from Maradona in one game alone. One of which is the infamous “Hand Of God,” a goal where Maradona scored with his hand. When asked about the goal in a post-game interview, Maradona claimed the goal came “a little from his head and a little from the hand of God”.  The other goal was voted the “Goal of the Century” by FIFA in 2002.

On top of winning the World Cup in 1986 and numerous personal honors, Maradona was impressive at the club level, playing for famous teams like Barcelona and Napoli.  All in all, Maradona scored 259 goals in 491 appearances at the club level.

In retirement, Maradona was involved in a few drug scandals, however, he kept up his passion for soccer in the form of coaching. Maradona even coached the Argentinian men’s national team.

Maradona set a standard with his style of play. With many players being dubbed “the next Maradona”, and players with the caliber of Lionel Messi still aiming for the success of his predecessor, it is crystal clear that Maradona’s impact on the sports scene will be remembered for generations to come.