The Cinderella Story of March Madness


Jamie Sabau

Saint Peter’s players getting hyped and excited after defeating Kentucky in the March Madness tournament.

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer

The NCAA basketball tournament is finally underway and brackets are already getting messed up and team seasons have come to a heartbreaking end. The best part about the tournament is that you never know what is going to happen and there is always that one team that no one expects to go far in the tournament that ends up shocking everybody and making a great run.

That team this year is Saint Peter’s University.

Saint Peter’s is a small Division-1 private Jesuit school located in New Jersey.  This is the first time in school history that they have made the tournament. For their first game, they played against the Kentucky Wildcats which are known for always making the tournament and making a far run. Saint Peter’s ended up beating Kentucky 85-79 and advancing to the second round of the tournament where they played against Murray State. The Peacocks won that match-up 70-60, winning their first two tournament games in program history.

There were over seventeen million brackets that were submitted predicting games and there are NO MORE valid brackets after Saint Peter’s games. Saint Peter’s is now set off to play against the #3 seed, Purdue Boilermakers, on March 25 for a chance to make the Elite 8.  “Now all you have to say is St. Peter’s University and everybody knows what you’re talking about. Our basketball team put us on the map.” – Brooke Boutchie.

Saint Peter’s head coach Shaheen Holloway (Robert Goddin)