Parking Lot Lockdown

The student parking lot is a place where many students will go to park their car, walk through during classes, or even to go back and get their books and lunch between bells. But now, there’s one change that has been made – the student parking is off-limits to students during school hours, with senior privilege being the only exception. The man who has enforced this rule through announcements, in person, and even being at the parking lot himself, is Mr. Krupa.

“The student parking lot is locked during school hours because there really is no supervision while administrators may be busy.” said Mr. Krupa.

The consequence for rule breakers is twilight school, and the gates to the parking lot are now being locked during school hours. Krupa stated that students have been complying with the new rule without much trouble.

“I’m happy to work with these kids,” said Krupa. “Everybody really is cooperative with us like we’re all on big team, we’re very lucky to work with all the students we have this year.”