Advice for Sophomores


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

As a sophomore it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You’re now comfortable at your school and feel like you have the hang of things. You probably don’t really have the hang of things, so here is an inside look on what sophomore year is really going to look like.

Your classes aren’t going to get any easier as you get older and if you’re the type of student to push yourself and take hard classes make sure you don’t overdo it. You may think you can handle several AP classes, but it might end up to be harder to handle than you thought. Take it slow, you have this year and 2 more years to get AP or college classes in your schedule.

If you’re one to just go with the flow with your classes than keep doing that. Whether you’re trying to just get your high school classes done so you can graduate, or you’re trying to take as many high school and college classes as you can; you’re GPA is one of the most important things. Everyone always talks about how you don’t want to mess up your GPA because it’s extremely hard to fix, and thats true. Take the classes you feel you can take, but make sure you are trying your hardest.

You would think that since everyone is older than last year there will be less drama and trouble. That is completely untrue. Every single year you’re in high school there’s going to be drama or issues going on among the hallways. Don’t pay attention to these things because drama and other social issues will just distract you from things you need to get done. It’s high school and people are always going to have an issue with something about you. Just let it go.

You’re probably thinking that you’re in sophomore year and you have a long time to get your community service hours. Don’t wait until the last minute. You only need 20 hours to get your diploma, but if you want to go to a university it looks better to have more than 20. Colleges like to see that students are involved in their community so the more hours you have the better you look. You could volunteer for beach clean ups, nursing homes, or anything that involves helping people.

The most important thing in sophomore year is to make sure you pass the FSA, or any of your EOC courses. You don’t want to get behind in your credits and failing any of these will automatically put you behind.

Sophomore year is going to be just like every other year. Don’t stress too much over it, but don’t fail all of your classes. Have fun and do good in school. This makes you one year closer to graduating high school.