The Stress of Applying to Colleges


Jessa Lopez

Made by Jessa Lopez

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

“I still have three years, it can wait.”

I remember telling myself that when I was an ignorant freshman who had no idea how college application works. Let me tell you now, it is very stressful. I had never imagine this whole process to be as stressful and anxious as I know now.

Friendly advice, do not wait until your senior year. Start searching for colleges already and have what you need to get into that college. Whether it is your SAT and ACT, community service hours or GPA, get it done. Study harder if you have to, work harder and act faster, time is precious.

As a senior now, I am now preparing for my college, a big jump in my life. I never thought of college as stressful because its just submitting papers to different campuses, right? No! It is more than that. It is about building up credits, earning hundreds of volunteer hours, and joining clubs.

The key is to standout, you have to stand out from others who are also entering the college you are going to. I am getting sleepless nights, headaches and soon enough, depression from deciding about my future. It will be worth it in the future, but right now all I’m seeing is my thinning hair and dark circles under my bloodshot eyes.

Think also about your major, even though you can change it later on. Should I follow where the money is or should I do what I wanted? I don’t know. Some of you will say I should follow what I want, but really, who doesn’t want to live a fancy life?

To all the underclassmen, do not wait until you are a senior to get all the requirements you needed. During your senior year, you should only be submitting applications, writing essays and asking for teachers recommendation to teachers who knows you well.