Why You Should Travel


Randi Goldman

My dad photographing the view from a photo opportunity stop near Helen, Georgia.

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

I love going places that I have rarely been to, or not at all. Exploring new places is something you have to experience yourself in order to understand why it is as great as it is. Going back to places where previous memories were made in order to make new memories is also really great.

You should be traveling because it opens your eyes to your surroundings. Traveling not only enables you to see the world in different ways, but to see mannerisms of people in other parts of the world. In my opinion, it also allows you to get a better understanding of people and the world. I think being exposed to different settings and people helps you become more well-rounded in the long run. This means that traveling is also a learning experience.

Traveling can boost your empathy and help you understand that not everything is about you. If you travel to foreign countries you’ll be able to see how different other countries are from the United States. For example, when I went to Spain and Portugal I saw more people living in the middle of town centers and on the side of the road than I had seen in America. There also seems to be a lot more stray animals that have no one to care for them in Spain and Portugal than in the U.S. If you’re like me, you’ll get really sad for these animals and people who are a lot less fortunate than we are. Traveling helps you understand that other people are less fortunate than you sometimes and traveling can give you the opportunity to help them. You can even travel all over the world in order to help people.

My favorite thing about traveling is exploring new places. I love finding my way around places I’ve never been to. It’s like a puzzle and when you figure out where a certain store is, or the place where you’re staying, it feels like a huge accomplishment. Exploring with another person can also help you build a stronger relationship with the person. I don’t think there’d be anything I would prefer to do than taking a road trip with my close friends and exploring.

There’s so many other reasons why traveling is great, and why you should be doing it. So go out and experience new places and people, explore the world, and most importantly, take in whatever the world has to offer and have fun.