Are You Psyched for Psychology Club?


Ryan Jayne

The Psychology Club Logo

Christopher Vargas, Staff Writer

Psychology Club is a student run club that showcases the interesting and important aspects of psychology in a new way.

Typically when people think of Psychology they think of a therapy session or a couple of rounds of guessing what you see in ink blots. However it is more than that, Psychology is the science of behavior and mind. The goal of Psychology club is to make psychology fun and educational for everyone.

Psychology Club is still a new club, only being founded at the beginning of this year.

The club is responsible for hosting all kinds of events like Brain Bowl and Brain Expo. There will also be movie sessions where they evaluate the mental condition of a character, etc. 

The club President and Co-founder, Ricardo Rios, hopes in the future to have multiple guest speakers from the FAU Psych Club to motivate the club members if they want to pursue a career in Psychology in the future. 

The Vice President, Ryan Jayne, assists Rios in creating in-club events, and recruiting new members to the small club.

The club sponsor Mr. Gray is planning to implement a partnership with The American Psychological Association (APA).

“The American Psychological Association trains teenagers to become peer mentors, and I think that’s something we need to do, especially with all the mental health awareness going on now. We have this tremendous need but we don’t have the resources, so why not use other students as a resource? There are other places in the country that use this as their model and that seems to be more successful, so I’m hoping that is a possibility.”

The club itself is open on every other Monday in Mr. Gray’s room to anyone interested. It can be a good experience for anyone looking to have fun while learning new things about psychology.

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