Welcome New AP Mr. Siegel

Christopher Vargas, Staff Writer

You have probably seen him near the 1,000 building, around the 4000 building during lunch, and nicely dressed in a suit and tie. However, Mr. Siegel brings years of job experience as an assistant principal to Santaluces. 

Siegel started working in the school district in 1997. He arrived at Santaluces recently and was previously an assistant principal at Omni Middle School in Boca Raton.

“I was at Loggers’ Run Middle School for 12 years then asked to go to Omni Middle school for the last year and a half. Recently I was asked to go to Santaluces.”

Before he became an assistant principal he went to Hofstra University in New York, where he received his undergraduate degree in Psychology and a double master’s degree in special education and elementary education. However, his experience of being an assistant principal has made his transition to high school painless.

“The big difference is the student’s attitudes. High school students are more in control of the decisions they make, there are also different challenges to face that require different approaches.” said Siegel when he was asked the differences between middle school and high school students.

Outside of work Siegel is a proud father of two sons, with one being a freshman in high school and the other in third grade. Siegel is also bilingual, speaking Portuguese because of his wife’s fluency in the language.

After years of experience the one thing he prioritizes over the course of his career are the relationships that he made along the way, he often keeps in touch with former students who graduated. So when you see him in the hallways be sure to greet him.