The Cobras Strike the Chiefs Again


Rudolph Civil

King Metelus goes for the easy lay up.

Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

Santaluces Varsity Basketball lost to Park Vista, 72-57. Last Friday night, Park Vista came through Santaluces with a light. They were shooting three points on every possession, with about six three pointer being made in the first quarter for the Cobras.

The Cobras took a different approach comparing to last game, mostly attacking the paint. The Chiefs were able to keep up with the Cobras throughout the first half by responding with amazing defense and constant scoring. The Cobras came out with a different approach that the Chiefs were not expecting, they started attacking in the paint before the Chiefs were able to shift their perimeter defense to paint protection.

This was a low scoring game for the Chiefs, Jeffrey Dozier led the team in points with 11 points, Devonte White scored 10 points.

The Chiefs have a chance to play Park Vista in the District game on February 11th.