Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Do More to Help Ukraine

Santaluces Debate Team, Contributor

“The United States has far too many domestic problems to be involving herself in foreign affairs.” —Mason, Senior SHS

“Europe is better fit to help Ukraine than we are; we should focus on other issues such as domestic problems or Taiwan.” —Anthony, Junior SHS

“Russia has nuclear weapons, don’t start a nuclear war.” —Anthony, Junior SHS

“The US has its own issues in her country. Starting another war isn’t going to help right now.” —Kandaci, Junior SHS

“The U.S. cannot afford to be weakened or distracted from the threat of China.” —Ashley, Junior SHS

“The U.S. already has its own problems and battles going on so with us helping out another country, that’s just putting more problems on the U.S. citizens that probably won’t be resolved.” —Ma’ kiyah, Sophomore SHS

“Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has already spoken and warned other countries to not interfere in this war. Interfering would only have negative outcomes for the US.” —Jessica, Senior, SHS 

“The U.S. involving themselves could escalate the issues and cause issues in other countries.” —Dana, Junior SHS

“The U.S. getting themselves involved could lead to great tensions between Russia, which isn’t a good idea considering how powerful they are.” —Mario, Sophomore SHS

“The U.S has already helped Ukraine economically in the past, there is no reason for the U.S to be getting involved” —Nayaly, Sophomore SHS 

“The U.S getting involved attacking russian troops will possibly lead to a world war leading to even greater conflict.” —Trace, junior SHS

“The U.S. also refused to provide advanced weapon systems to Ukraine, such as Patriot anti-aircraft missiles or Harpoon anti-ship missiles, because it determined that Ukraine’s armed forces were not sophisticated enough to handle them.” —Anan, Sophomore SHS

 “The U.S. could face consequences for being involved, especially if Russia let’s all hell go loose and gets nuclear powers involved.” —Pedro, Junior SHS

“If the US gets involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it could cause serious problems and possibly lead to World War III, which could be the end of humanity, because nuclear weapons are too advanced, and the consequences of multiple weapons being used in a conflict would be catastrophic.” —Tcheranda, Junior SHS

“The U.S should not be involved because it will take years to shore up Ukraine’s beleaguered military, making it uncertain that a delivery of arms would establish parity immediately.” —Dwindy, Junior SHS 

“The provision of arms won’t knock the Kremlin off its course in Ukraine and instead will bring the U.S one step closer to a direct military confrontation with Russia” —Rachelle, Junior SHS

“The U.S doesn’t want to be involved with the Russians causing a war because Biden thinks it could potentially lead to a global war,” —Kendra, Junior SHS

“If the U.S. helps Ukraine, Russia might take actions and could lead to the start of another World War.” —Brayden, Senior SHS

“The U.S joining would cause a lot of problems and tensions towards Russia, and it will put us in risk for a world war.” —Eman Junior SHS

“We should not help out because countries need to start fighting their own battles.” —Khaleel, junior SHS

“We should not help because if the US gets involved then Russia will attack the US. Nobody here wants war so it’s best if we just let them be.” —MaKenna Falcon, Senior SHS

“The United States should not help Ukraine because it can start problems with the U.S and then can start a whole World War III.” —Wilkenson, Sophomore, SHS