Meet the Teacher: Mr. Snyder

Bryanne Elie and Allison Bower

You probably saw the massive crowd surrounding the smartboard showing Minecraft during lunch for the promotion of the E-Sports Gaming Club during Club Rush, which happens to be sponsored by our very own Principle of Entrepreneurship teacher here at Santaluces, Mr. Snyder. 

Mr. Snyder attended Ohio State University, majoring in Business Finance and Marketing. For 35 years, Mr. Snyder had his own insurance and financial business starting in 1984 with the Allstate Insurance Company.

He assisted in insurance for cars, homes, life, and many other products. He also earned a Security License and real estate license which helped his clients find homes and rental property around the same time.

He owed most of his success to his team as they “accomplished some of the finance and property casualty industries biggest awards.” He was so skilled that he was featured in a national commercial! The best part of his job was seeing his client’s life change from auto accidents, fires, floods, and other horrific situations to a recovery he promised to do.

Yet, he sold everything to move here to Palm Beach, Florida so that he could be closer to his family.

When asked about how much spending time with his family meant to him he replied, “Being able to spend time with the grandchildren is something that is priceless, because we all know kids grow up fast and then they are off to college.”

Even though he was done working in the business world, he still needed to work in order to be given insurance benefits, so he saw that teaching was going to be the best fit for him, which he absolutely loved to do. He knew it was the best way he could give back as he was an entrepreneur himself so his expertise on the subject could help students who desire to know about the world of business and finance. 

He initially taught at John I Leonard but loved being with his son so much that he transferred from there to be with his son because “being with my son means everything to me.” It ended up being a great decision because his experience here so far has been fantastic as he “really loves everyone on this campus. From the best principal in the State Ms. Robinson, administrators, teachers, and students, Santaluces is now [his] home.”

The inspiration behind starting the E-Sports Gaming Club came from his experience teaching at John I. Leonard High School. He saw that many kids were playing video games by themselves and wanted to create a space for those who enjoy playing to play the games they love with other fellow gamers.

This club accumulated over 300 students which made it the 4th largest club in the United States. So, he decided to bring it to Santaluces, and now over 80 students have joined in just two weeks!

Outside of school, Mr. Snyder loves spending time with his grandkids, going to football games, and playing golf with his son.

Mr. Snyder advises anyone with a desire or passion, to go to college as long as it doesn’t require a degree such as learning a trade or becoming a real estate agent. He is very passionate about the business aspect of each profession, which is why he hopes to teach kids that no matter what field they are in, they should strive to be their own bosses. 

Yet with all these accomplishments and goals, Mr. Snyder still wants to stop learning, and even at the age of 60, he will earn a Master of Education Leadership to become an Assistant Principal.