Ask Mica: College Applications

Where to start?


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Blank college application on a desktop. Artwork created by the photographer.

Micaela Saravia, Staff Writer

It is that time of the year… College Applications. The tension within the senior class can be felt miles away and you can almost see the anxiety progressively building up as the days go on. Murmurs and worried whispers can be heard throughout the halls, everyone is wondering whether they will be accepted into their dream schools. This is what we’ve been working so hard for since that very first day of freshman year.

My advice for Santaluces Class of 2019: Be prepared on time!
Understandably the pressure is on and the entire act may seem too much to handle, but I have some helpful ways to relieve some of that pressure and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Start with a checklist! This way you can make sure that everything gets taken care of, after all, this is your future we’re talking about.

  1. Do your research! I can’t stress this enough! If you know what is needed and when, you are less likely to miss any important information! Find out what the requirements are the schools of your choice. Jot down deadlines and sign up for accounts. Stay informed!
  2. Get your resume in order. BE SURE that it is only one page long! One common mistake most students make when it comes to their resume is having a lengthy one. Make sure all your important achievements are on there, have someone proofread it and if you still aren’t too sure show it to a teacher!
  3. Ask teachers for letters of recommendations. Make sure to choose teachers that have spent time with you and know you well. This way your recommendation letters won’t only show your academic achievements but also show your positive attributes.
  4. Take and retake the SAT and ACT until you meet the requirements for your school of choice. Submit those college ready scores!
  5. Write your college essay with the specific prompts from each school, this is your time to shine. Write about your life and everything that has shaped you into you.
  6. Don’t forget your financial aid or your FASFA applications. Remember you can start filling these out on October 1st.
  7. Look for scholarships! There is other help out there, who knows maybe you’ll find something that benefits you.

Finally, one of the most important things on my checklist:

I’d tell you not to stress, but I know that seems nearly impossible. So I will just tell you the next best thing. Breathe! Enjoy your last year in high school, don’t drive yourself crazy. Everything will fall into place.