Police Behavior at BLM protests vs. Capitol Attack


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Only a fraction of rioters have been arrested, with the attacks taking place almost two weeks ago on January 6th.

It’s no surprise that the police behaved differently when they presented themselves at the Black Lives Matter protest versus the Capitol attack. Trump’s response clearly demonstrated racial bias as well. He called BLM protestors “thugs”, yet, called the rioters at the Capitol “special” as he told them he loved them. Well, now he’s being impeached for inciting the violent attack.

During BLM protests, tear gas, rubber bullets, and real bullets have been used on civilians who were protesting peacefully. They were protesting for the racial injustice that exists in this country. Innocent people died in the hands of this justice system, and they continue to die as they stand up. If you put this event side-by-side the attack on the Capitol, the problem that is racial injustice was further amplified.

Right now, officials are arresting people who attended the riot, but some policemen didn’t necessarily “defend” the grounds of the capitol. Two Capitol policemen were suspended because one took a selfie with a rioter, and the other one was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. It appears as if they were playing for the wrong side of the team. After the riot was over, some officers helped escort members of the mob, as if they deserved respect after terrorizing a Federal building with intentions of taking people hostage.

The biggest argument of all is that it has to do with race. Policemen reacted differently because one was a mob of white people and the other one was a group of colored people. This is exactly what BLM was fighting for, a life where they shouldn’t be harmed by society simply because they’re of color. Instead, they still got shot at while exercising their right to protest with no kind of weapons. But a mob of Trump supporters are mad, so they attack the Capitol building with guns and walk out with barely a scratch on them.

Nothing about this comparison is fair. Do not turn a blind eye to the biggest problem America is facing right now.