A Perfect Gift To Give to That One Special Woman Out There


Marisia Aquino-Woods

So simple yet special.

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer

Hey, my loves.

Tonight, I have some advice I would like to share with all my lovebirds out there, in this two-part special. This one is for my guys out there!

First things first, gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is not about how many gifts you may get your significant other, it’s about the appreciation and love you have for that one person. So, with that being said, let’s get started.

To my guys who have that special someone who has a love for roses or sunflowers, one gift that would be perfect for her is a bouquet of flowers from Millennium Roses. You have the ability to choose from many different styles, colors, and combinations of flowers to give to your partner.

Another gift idea could also be any type of stuffed animal you could find, paired with her favorite chocolates or other snacks she may enjoy, with a coffee mug of her favorite cartoon or a cute little quote saying how much you love her.

Something so simple, yet special in its own way.

However, here is one of my favorite ideas for the guys who like their privacy when they’re with their partners. All you would need is the ability to be able to either rent a movie, or if you have a projector (this will come in handy), create your own movie night!

Grab all of your and her favorite snacks, or even order from her favorite restaurant. Throw a couple of blankets and pillows on the floor and enjoy a carefree night full of laughter and plain-out joy with your significant other.

Showing her how much time you love to spend with her, even if it’s at the comfort of your house.

Now, you may have thought this was the end, but not just yet. This one goes to all my guys who want to ask out their crush or maybe girlfriend (on a first date all over again) type of Valentine’s Day treat.

In which I say, start out with a cute little card or maybe a hand-written letter asking her to be your Valentine, along with maybe her favorite snacks or drinks that you could pair with a small bear or a little stuffed red heart that you could find in your local Walmart or Target centers. Creating that overall element of surprise, yet very heartwarming for a woman.

With this story coming to an end, I hope that this opened up a few promising ideas for you guys out there, as well as an understanding that it doesn’t matter what you can afford; it’s about the effort you give this one to show your special someone that you truly do appreciate all that they do and the love you have for them. So, I wish you all well.

Until, next time my loves! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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