Rudolph Civil: Class of 2020


Rudolph Civil

Rudolph Civil Class of 2020 taking pictures with his AICE academic stole at a beach pavilion!

Marisha Civil, Club Member

I was able to get an interview with Rudolph Civil, a Santaluces graduate of the class of 2020. Sadly, due to the pandemic, he and the rest of his class didn’t get the graduation they so desired. However, they still went about their lives going off to college and stepping over their own personal milestone.

The pandemic didn’t stop many, such as Rudolph. He went off to The University of Florida (UF ) in Gainesville, Florida, and went off to follow his dream of becoming a software engineer.

He has taken his own path that he thinks will fit him best.

He states that he would wish to get a degree in computer engineering to work at his dream workplace that we all know as Google. He also states that “I’m on the path to graduate from UF in December class of 2023.” He also states that he’s ahead of the average student to get his degree.

I asked Rudolph some personal questions about himself and life, such as “how is your current school life different from your 1st year?” Rudolph states and I quote, “Everything is different because almost everything is in person.”

Unlike his 1st year, he also says that he’s getting more of the college experience. I also asked him how the school itself is going. He states, “A mix of good, bad, hard, and easy depending on the quarter itself.”

Rudolph says that he sees himself as a senior engineer in ten years for a major tech company. I also asked him what it is he’s doing as of right now to help in the future. He states that he got an internship at Home Depot for software engineering.

He says it will benefit his career because he will now be experienced in the field.

A more personal question was “Do you plan on having a family or just focus on your career?” He says that he wants to have an average family, to be happy, and to be successful.

Inspirational words from Rudolph Civil are, “Find something you love doing; something you wouldn’t mind doing in the future or for years to come. No matter what it is, follow your dreams!”