Athlete Profile: Selena Avilla


Selena Avilla

Selena Avilla in her cheerleading outfit.

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

When it comes to Junior Selena Avilla, she is no stranger to being an athlete. Selena Avilla is a member of the Varsity Cross Country team and Varsity Cheerleading Team. 

She’s been an athlete ever since she was a little girl. She started off with Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Cheer, and eventually found what she was passionate about; Cheer and Cross Country. Her most favorite part of Cross Country and Cheerleading is the feeling of accomplishment after you hit the finish line and successfully finish a stunt at a game and hyping up the crowd.

Avilla balances her rigorous classes with her busy Cross Country and Cheer schedule. Wondering how she manages to have time for both? “I mentioned my schedule to my coaches, who’ve been very understanding and try to split my week evenly between the two. If I have an important practice for one, I’ll try to leave a bit early to make it to the other. As well as reserving certain days for each sport.”

One piece of advice Avilla would give for people who are interested in joining the cheer team is to “listen to your coach, keep your straight arms, chest up, smile, and always give 110%.”

For people who are interested in Cross Country, the advice she would give is to “always persevere. It’s about mental and physical strength and controlling your breathing.”

Avilla would love to attend the University of Florida and major in Psychology. She would love to open up her own Psychotherapy Center.