Athlete Profile: Kevin Fuentes


Kevin Fuentes, the center-back for the Santaluces JV Soccer team.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

Kevin Fuentes is a sophomore at Santaluces. He is a center-back defender on the Santaluces soccer team.

Kevin has been playing since he was young. However, he never joined any clubs; he only played it as a hobby.

Despite not having that much experience, Kevin is a good defender on the team. Wearing number twelve on his back, Fuentes contributes to the team and blocks the other team from making goals.

When asked what his happiest moment on the field was, he stated, “My happiest moment was being able to win a game by scoring last minute.” This is Fuentes’s first year on the Junior Varsity soccer team and is doing well.

Kevin and his dad would always play when he was a young child. This is what inspired him to play and start improving on his skill. He grew up playing with his family and friends and the sport is very close to the family.

On the team, Kevin tells other players what he sees and what they should do. Being at the back of the field is an advantage to see how all players are playing. Fuentes has this advantage and guides and helps other players see who they should defend more or to find open space.

When asked what his biggest challenge was he stated, “Always being mad at myself for not being as good as I want to be. I would always complain, and it would mess me up so much, but I got through that and started being more confident in myself.”

Despite having this challenge, Fuentes got through it and is working harder than ever to improve his skill.