Athlete Profile: Amare Dugue


Coach Charles

Amare is hopeful for a great season this year.

Will Prichard, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year basketball is finally back, so, today we caught up with the star point guard for the boys basketball team, Amare Dugue.

We asked Amare a couple of questions on what we should expect from a talented chiefs squad this year. His personal goals for this year are to score over 1000 points on his career, ” I have scored 713 points in my career so far so I am not stopping until I get to 1000″ Said Dugue.

His expectations for this year have the same amount of gusto that his response for his goals had.” We look to have a positive record this year and we have done that so far,” said Dugue.

Dugue is new to Santaluces this year so we asked what the change has been like. “I  moved down to Florida from New York and there were some great hoopers in NY so I expect more of the same down here.” Amare also added that the change has helped him a lot and has shown him how to become a leader quickly.

Amare looks to have an incredible senior season and help the Chiefs reach new heights!