Athlete Profile: Tre Robinson


Francisco Fermin

Tre focused on defeating his opponent during a challenging game.

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

Tre Robinson is a current Sophomore at Santaluces who plays both basketball and football. His position in football is a linebacker and in basketball is a point guard. While playing those two sports, he is balancing high-achievement classes.

Tre would love to attend Louisiana State University (LSU) and major in journalism. Career wise, he would like to be a Sports Broadcaster.

Tre has always played football since he was a kid and continued to keep on chasing his dream. His favorite thing about football and basketball are all the lessons learned through brotherhood, leadership, and the discipline being on the team. His goal for the sports he plays is to “make it to college and hopefully play professionally.”

In his free time, he is either sleeping or watching sports clips and coming up with questions to ask during video interviews for The Tribe.

If he had one piece of advice to give to students, then it would be to “keep up with your grades and manage your time wisely.”