Chiefs Of Santaluces: Kyaija Maxson


Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

“I was a sophomore and it was the first basketball game after a rough football season. The whole cheer team was looking forward to basketball season in hopes of winning more and that’s exactly what we did. We won almost every game. It was all so much fun; the crowd would go crazy whenever someone would score. We would do jumps and cheers for the team. We danced and we did half time performances. It was great. Our record was better than Varsity, which gave us bragging rights. It was surprising that so many people came to our games. It was the first time JV games were actually full. It felt so good to be undefeated, but that was all over until that one game we lost to Lake Worth High. Still, we bounced back and beat the the second time around. At the end each game we won we would do my favorite cheer: This is Chief territory!”