Chiefs of Santaluces: Gabriel Burzycki

Casey McDuffie, Staff Writer

“Wrestling impacts my life by helping me be committed and work hard at whatever I do like school, a job, anything. It also keeps me extremely stubborn on quitting on something, because I do not quit. It also makes me feel so much more confident in myself because of how hard the sport is and that I can do any challenge that is put in front of me, because I can survive 6 minutes on the mat. I think my favorite times in the season is getting my hand raised after every match. Besides that, I love the times where we all mess around with each other during practice, because of the family bond we have. But what I will miss the most from wrestling is probably just the sport. The coaches that introduced the love for the mat, the brothers I have in the wrestling room and just the moments of having my hand raised in front of a whole crowd.”