Chiefs of Santaluces: Stacy Barthe

Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

“When I was younger I always had an interest in acting, but never pursued anything in it. But when I went to middle school, I signed up for drama out of pure fun and that had to be one of the best decisions I made in a long time. Turns out I was actually pretty good at it so I started going to competitions and winning. I can recall a specific time when I went to a Junior Thespian competition at Bak Middle school against all the best acting schools in South Florida. We had been preparing for weeks for this competition, and I was nervous. We were going up against kids who had been acting since they were in diapers and I’ve only been acting for two years. When they called my name to go up there and perform my monologue, I wanted to go back. I was standing in front of at least 400 people, and that was the biggest crowd I’ve ever had to perform in front of. After my performance, I was feeling pretty good, everyone was laughing and the judges were smiling. I even had one of the judges come up to me in the bathroom and tell me I did an amazing job. I was pretty confident, but sadly, I didn’t win. I won in the second highest category which is a superior. I was bummed, but that didn’t stop me. I would say that started the fire inside of me that I have towards acting.”