Chiefs of Santaluces: Kymani Lewis

JJ Cane, Staff Writer

“Alright so, I started producing music when I was in the 9th grade,  I wasn’t really great at it and so listening back at some of my beats now I… really don’t want to.

I  started to get better in 10th grade and a lot more in 11th grade, and now I’m making things that I really listen to and what I feel other people enjoy listening to.

I taught myself how to play the drums in elementary school before I joined the drum line there, and throughout middle school I didn’t really play the drums as much. [I] kinda stayed away from music as a whole. Throughout high school I started learning how to play the piano and the bass and I’m getting back into it.

For the future I’m planing on being a music producer, hopefully working in a studio, and if that doesn’t work out well…  then TV production.”