Chiefs of Santaluces: Peterson Paulinis


Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

“Being a teenage boy in high school, you start to learn and realize lots of things. You realize girls, your future, and how you’re going to make your future become a reality. In the beginning of high school, I was a slacker. Freshman and sophomore year I had bad grades until I was introduced to football. Football is my number one motivation to make it out set forth towards my future. By the middle of my sophomore year, all the bad grades I once had started disappearing and was changing into A’s and B’s. Another thing I wanted in my future was this girl. I just want to see what the future holds for me and her. She’s smart and beautiful. Well, beautiful isn’t even the word to describe her. She’s gorgeous. She is more than just a gorgeous face and a smart nerd,┬áthere’s plenty of other great qualities to her.”

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