Chiefs of Santaluces: Mr. Carruthers

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

“When I was in college, I, along with seven other guys, were in a rock band. I played trumpet in the rock band. It was an eight-piece brass rock band. We had a trumpet, trombone, sax player, keyboard, bass, guitar, and drummer. We played a lot of funk and played Brooklyn Fire, Chicago, and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. A lot of music that was popular in the 70s, since that’s when it was, late 70s early 80s when I did that. It was really fun, we played a lot of ┬álocal bars, gigs as they are called. We played at local bars, we played gigs at the University of Florida. We played at a big lounge down in Ft. Lauderdale, a Big Daddy’s Lounge, one of the biggest, it was the biggest, a three-story bar – pretty cool. We played a lot of places, made a lot of money, and had a really good time doing it. The band was called Anaheim Flash, named after a newspaper in Anaheim, California. The band had been around for 20 years, I was the third trumpet player they had.”