Chiefs of Santaluces: Erica Rein

Davidson Domond, Staff Writer

“My favorite trip I’ve ever been on was probably when I went to Hawaii when I was in the seventh grade.  My cousins were in band for high school, and they had to play for the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. So, my whole family went down there. The beaches and the waves were ridiculously beautiful. I watched all the surfers ride these tall waves, and if I did that, I probably would’ve crashed. The first time we went to the beach was right after we landed. We walked from the hotel to the beach while the sun was setting. I was with my cousin, Brittany, and we sat on this alcove of rocks as the waves hit the water and we just watched the sun go down. This trip was really relaxing and I really want to go back. I haven’t been back to Hawaii since this trip.”

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