Chiefs of Santaluces: Kensky Charles

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

“So one day I was riding my bike to my friend Odney’s house. I was on Lawrence Road pulling up to a stop sign. A lady in a car reached the stop sign also. When she came to the stop sign, she came to a complete stop. I started riding my bike not knowing that she only payed attention to her left, not her right. I rode in front of the car, and she put her foot on the gas. She hit me and I flew off my bike and landed on my stomach. I laid there until the ambulance came. The ambulance came and put me in a stretcher and took me to JFK. They gave me pills to put me to sleep while taking an X-ray of my leg and back. I woke up with all my friends and family there. They told me that I fractured my kneecap. This was a very terrifying experience.”