Chiefs of Santaluces: Dymond Spear

Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

“One of my favorite moments that I’ve had at Santaluces is when I joined the dance team, Beautiful Chaos. I don’t remember what day it was exactly but when two of the girls came to my 7th period with a pink balloon [to tell me I got accepted], I was so happy. When I got home and told my grandma and mom, they were so proud of me. I feel like dance is not only something I love to do but it keeps me from having bad grades and getting in trouble. There were plenty of times where I didn’t want to go to practice due to┬ástress and what not, but I never missed a day. A funny fact is that I was suppose to be on the dance team my freshman year but on the day of auditions I got in an argument with this girl and ended up getting suspended. When I went to Ms. Latham and asked if I made it or not she said yeah but I was not able to be on the team. I almost went crazy. She replied to my shock saying “maybe next year.” and smiled. I was thinking, “this lady is so rude.” When I made the team my sophomore year and I got to know her and she was sarcastic but great nonetheless. I got to become friends and have great connections with the girls on the team.”