Chiefs of Santaluces: Rachel Smallcomb


Angelica Dameus, Staff Writer

“During my freshman year, the Theater department did a Spotlight show, which is a collection of different pieces from different musicals with no specific plot. A few of us decided to do a song from a musical entitled, All I Wanna Do is Eat. It was about a group of Disney princesses singing about how they actually would like to eat because, as princesses, they were expected to stay trim and exercise regularly. It was poking fun at how strict beauty standards are. It was fun but it also had a message. At one point in the performance, we sing about Häagen-Dazs, the ice cream, and the prop for that was an actual Häagen-Dazs container with ice cream in it. Someone was supposed to empty said container before our group went onstage. Because a lot of us were in other performances, we didn’t have time to do it during the show. We realized our number was up, so we had to grab our props and run. Once we were onstage, we realized the container hadn’t been emptied and, the ice cream melted because it wasn’t refrigerated. In the middle of the song, one of the princesses is supposed to lift it up, and another princess knocks into her while trying to reach the ice cream. The ice cream fell and splattered all over the stage. Our reactions were supposed to be disappointed, but we were caught off-guard so it was more of a surprised and disastrous reaction. The audience was completely shocked because I don’t think they were expecting actual ice cream, despite us having actual food there, like Twizzlers and small snacks. We just ran with it. Because Ariel has no legs, the girl paying that part had to worm her way across the stage and literally dip her fingers in the ice cream and lick it off. It wasn’t very sanitary, but it’s all for comedy.”

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