Chiefs of Santaluces: Daniel Sunderland


Gillian Corallo, Staff Writer

“So in 9th grade, Mr. Angionie invited me to help him move the tech office from 1-133 to 1-145k. I walked into the first room and I saw a bunch of boxes full of things I didn’t understand. He said, “take the printers and parallel cables and move them onto a shelf in the office.” My initial thought was, “what are parallel cables?” So I started, like, looking at them and all that and was like, “oh, parallel cables. I know what these are now.” Gradually, my knowledge began to increase and expand until eventually I knew what every kind of cable was. Then the next year when the classroom was moved, the next year I was in AICE Computing. He usually sent to do tech stuff during my class period. Then finally in my junior year, I was formally inducted into the level one tech class. I was able to use my knowledge to help the teachers when they were having trouble and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”