Chiefs of Santaluces: Brittany Antilus

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

“I was coming out of Fox Hollow on Lawrence and then a peacock came out of no where with their tail all fanned out. A car stopped in front of my dad and so my dad stopped. I leaned up to see what the chaos was and I was like ‘omg, it’s a peacock.’ As I was looking another car rammed right into the back of my dad’s car, like completely. The whole back of the car was caved in and I jerked back because I was all the way in the front looking. It hurt my neck, and I said to myself,  ‘Dang, I’m dead.’ Like I really thought I was gone. It was painful and emotional. And I was so mad because it was all because of a peacock. But the peacock was fine. Moral of the story is that the peacock is fine.”