Chiefs of Santaluces: De’Aianik Brownlee

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

I met two girls when I came here three weeks ago named Maniya and Frenchie. I met these girls in a great environment at Santaluces High, but for Frenchie, we go way, way back. I met Frenchie in Emerald Cove Middle School 7th grade year. We always been down for each other and there has never been a time when she has been fake to me. We have never been the drama type until high school. We started off at Palm Beach Central where there was more drama than work, but we managed to still remain friends. Frenchie switched schools and came to Santaluces. We talked and two weeks later, I switched to Santaluces. Here there is more work and less drama. I then met Makiya in Miss Lathum’s class. We didn’t really talk at first, but then we started to link like paper clips. It was me, her and Frenchie.