Chiefs of Santaluces: Jacob Williams


Alan McGonigle

Zachary Halpern (Right) talks to Jacob Williams (Left)

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

“My favorite memory has to be the week of when we had senior night and our district game against Boca Raton High School. Senior night was awesome because I had family from all over the country come from Pompano Beach to Tennessee watching me play. That night, I also threw a no-hitter so it was extra special. A few days after Senior night, we played Boca High in our first district game to advance to the regionals. The win against Boca felt amazing because we have never beat them before. Their team was supposed to make a run to the state tournament ¬†and I also knew a lot of the players on their team. Before the game, they talked a lot of smack, and it felt amazing to get the win and to also send them home. It was the best feeling in the world.”