Chiefs of Santaluces: Mr.Terembes

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor :

“My favorite memory has got to be about six or seven years ago. It was the first art show with Ms.Ardner, Mr.Asci, and Mr.Badome and myself. The academy put together such a big show that we even had students playing musical instruments outside and entertaining people. It started with asking one person just to jam out with a guitar and before the night was over, we had a full band outside with a piano and it was fantastic. Kids were singing and we must of had about 300 people come through. It was just awesome to see the entire visual arts department all work in like a clock and come together as one, to make this giant presentation of what the students can do here at Santaluces. The talent these young people have, it was great to see them all work together, that was by far my greatest memory here.”