Chiefs of Santaluces: Jorge Gereda

Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

“Doing an AP Psychology experiment was difficult because it was my first time but it was really fun. Mr. Gray helped my group decide what we wanted to do. The experiment is called the rubber hand illusion; we get volunteers and we  put a rubber hand next to them and made them concentrate on the rubber hand. We simultaneously brush their hand and the rubber hand to create the illusion that the hand is theirs. We want to get a maximum of 20 trials. They began to think that the hand was theirs. It was pretty cool because we got some good reactions. It was different to see other people’s expressions versus the dull faces usually in the courtyard. Their energy grew towards the end of the experiment and they seemed more excited.  At the end of our trials, we have to present our experiment in front of a panel of teachers and the principal and we could even try it on them. I am excited to see their reactions.”

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